Do you ever find the system in your favoured nightspot lacking a little? Ever feel its chest rattling capabilities amount to little more than a tickle?

It might not be a soundsystem so loud it could kill you, but Pure Groove Systems latest endeavour could put an end to all of that.

Pure Groove Systems have 20 years experience of providing soundsystems for festivals, stadiums and IMAX cinemas and for their brand new project, they’ve teamed up with Tom Danley, former Director of Electroacoustic Research at NASA.

The new system is their first aimed solely at clubs, and promises to offer the best sound possible in a system more compact than their nearest rivals.

But don’t just take our word for it; the system launched at the Ice Palace and Cafeina Wynwood in Miami last month where Richie Hawtin, Jamie Jones, Pete Tong and Claude VonStroke were on hand to test out its chest-rattling capabilities for themselves.

Check it out here.