Operating Voltage
100-240V AC @ 50-60HZ*
Nominal Current Draw
1.5A @11V*
Output Power (Total)
Output Power (Lows)
Analog Inputs
XLR (Balanced) 13k *
Crossover Point
1.8k Hz*
Smart thermal & individual driver power limiters*

Frequency Response (+/-2DB)
42 Hz – 22k Hz*
Usable Frequency Range
30 Hz – 30+k Hz*
30 lbs*
Colors Available
115+ dB*
Enclosure Material
Bamboo or Birch
1 in. (28mm) Textile Dome*
8 in. Polymer Doped Cone*


– Woofer and tweeter both exhibit high transient power handling capabilities to ensure proper punch and headroom in your mix.

– Frequency response above 30kHz for improved imaging and harmonic response.

– Low resonance point chambered tweeter ensures very little coloration within the used frequency band.

– Coated textile dome tweeter gives a smooth, accurate representation of the sound without resonances or sharpness.

– Drivers are hand made in UK and EU to our special tolerances that ensure minimal coloration and high transient responses.

– Woofer has a symmetrical magnet field assembly as well as dual spiders to ensure high linear excursion tolerances.

– Cabinets are custom made and assembled in the US to meet our design requirements and your custom look.

– Six hundred watts total power to ensure transient response and plenty of headroom even when mixing at high levels.

– Universal switching mode power supply complies with all US and European power standards (100 – 240V @50-60HZ).

– Smart thermal and individual voltage driver protection that will keep drivers safe even in high SPL usage situations.

– Cabinet has bamboo construction options that are both environmentally friendly as well as sonically beneficial.

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